Dissertation thesis 2015/2016

Dissertation thesis 2015/2016

Dissertation thesis 2015/2016

doc. PhDr. Gabriel Bianchi, CSc.

Gender, Sex, and Body in School Settings – Challenges and Coping while Approaching Gender Equity

Deliberative Democracy and School Practice

Frontiers of Intimacy and Sexuality in Schools

prof. PhDr. Ivan Lukšík, CSc.

Parenting and parental education

Citizenship, multiculturalism, social justice and school

prof. PhDr. Branislav Pupala, CSc.

Forms and impacts of development cooperation projects in the field of early childhood education and care

doc. PaedDr. Ondrej Kaščák, PhD.

Teacher unions and Professional organizations – possibilities and reality

Mgr. Barbara Lášticová, PhD.

Intergroup friendships in school: A tool for prejudice reduction against stigmatized minorities?

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